The New York Planning Federation is an authorized provider of training for planning and zoning board members as required by New York State. We provide certificates of attendance for anyone attending our webinars and for those who watch our recorded sessions. Many of our programs are also eligible for Certified Maintenance (CM) credit for professional planners and can be used as professional development electives for code enforcement officers.

Recorded programs will be accessible to members via the website shortly, but in the meantime you can email us for a link to watch any of the recordings listed below.

Please call 518-512-5270 or email nypf@nypf.org with any questions. 

Recorded Training Available

  • Sighting of Solar Facilities under AREGCRA of 2020

Daniel Spitzer, Esq. and Sarah Main, Esq., Hodgson Russ LLP

  • Understanding and Applying SEQRA

Donald Young, Esq.

  • The Importance of Planning During and After the Pandemic

Danny Lapin, AICP

  • Enhancing Transparency and Effectiveness in Planning Proceedings

Matt Horn, ICMA-CM, MRB Group

  • Zoning in America

William Sharp, Esq.

  • Innovations and Best Practices for Planning/Zoning Boards

Lance Brabant, CPESC

  • Engaging Diverse Communities and Dealing with Difficult People

Jane Nicholson, AICP, CFM, MRB Group

  • Introduction to Planning, Zoning and Land Use

Donald Young, Esq.

  • Working With Elected Officials and Understanding Everyone’s Role in Planning: (Planning in an Era of New Challenges Series)

Diana Smith and Matt Horn, MRB Group

  • The Open Meetings Law for Zoning and Planning Boards

Mark Schachner, Esq.

  • Working with Developers to Foster Investment in the Community

Lance Brabant, MRB Group

  • Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Preparing a Comprehensive Plan

Kimberly Baptiste, AICP, Bergmann Associates

  • Communication, the Media, and Social Media

Matt Horn, ICMA-CM, MRB Group

  • Site Plan Review

Nicole Allen and Matt Rogers, Laberge Group

April 27 – 12 pm – 1 pm: Site Plan Review Mishaps

Laberge Group