The Benefits of Joining the NYPF

The Benefits of Membership in NYPF (see below for membership forms)
The New York Planning Federation provides training, educational and informational services to a broad range of members, enabling them to better assist themselves and their municipalities with community development and land use decisions.

Members receive free or discounted access to a wide range of workshops and seminars. Members also receive discounts on numerous publications distributed by NYPF.

Each year, more than 300 people attend our Annual Conference, a three-day statewide training school offered every spring. Nearly three dozen courses provide in-depth information on basic and advanced planning and zoning topics, as well as issues concerning Main Streets, environmental and agriculture matters, and important recent court decisions.

Enrollment is open to:

  • Municipalities and counties, including Planning and Zoning Boards, elected officials, staff and consultants, and zoning enforcement officers
  • Business and consultants, including planners, attorneys, developers and builders, engineers, architects/landscape architects, real estate professionals
  • Economic development and planning agencies
  • Universities and educational institutions
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Concerned citizens

Our current membership includes more than 10,000 individuals representing more than 500 municipalities and 200 organizations across New York State.