Wind Energy Toolkit

One new example of useful, hands-on information is the Wind Energy Toolkit available on the New York State Energy and Research Authority (NYSERDA) Web site,

New York State has some of the highest potential for wind energy development of any state in the nation. Yet many local officials feel unprepared to evaluate proposed wind energy facilities that are increasingly coming before them. The Toolkit is designed to offer information on the various aspects of wind energy development to help municipalities decide how, where and whether wind energy facilities should be sited.

The Toolkit consists of a series of short, topical papers, three of which were prepared by the New York Planning Federation for NYSERDA, including Wind Energy Development and the Comprehensive Plan, Government Agencies’ Role in the Approval Process and Wind Energy Model Ordinance Options. These three papers are especially geared to answering the kinds of questions local officials are likely to have about planning and zoning for wind energy development.

NYSERDA’s website also provides a link to NYSERDA’s wind map, illustrating the areas within the State which have the greatest potential for wind energy development. See the winter edition of Planning News for the full article.