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Our books are written and edited by our partners in the planning and zoning field and our staff. They remain the best source on New York State planning and zoning. Publications can be ordered online at https://nypf.org/order/ or by contacting us at nypf@nypf.org 518-512-5270.

**NEW** All You Ever Wanted to Know About Zoning, 6th Edition (2020). Sheldon Damsky,Esq. and James Coon, Esq., edited by William Sharp, Esq. The latest version of our most popular book includes key updates.  Member Price $60.00 ($95.00 non-member) + s/h

The Short Course: A Basic Guide for Planning Boards and Zoning Boards of Appeals in NYS, 9th edition (2014). Harry Willis, Esq., David Church, and James Hotaling. A review of the full range of knowledge and skills needed by planning and zoning officials. Recipient of the Public Education Award by the American Planning Association Upstate New York Chapter. Member Price $25.00 ($40.00 non-member) + s/h


A Guide to Procedures Governing Public Meetings (2013) Daniel Carroll & Daniel Saxton. Important information that every planning board, zoning board of appeals, elected official and citizen should know about public meetings and hearings. Member price FREE ($15.00 non-member) + s/h

A Guide to Transfer of Development Rights (2014) Robert Bristol, FASLA, Robert Feller, Esq. and Ozge Erbas. A detailed discussion of transfer of development rights in New York State. Member price FREE ($15.00 non-member) + s/h

A Guide to Promoting Healthy Communities through Planning & Zoning (2015) Lael Locke, NYPF Project Specialist. A guide to creating healthy, walkable communities. Member price FREE ($15.00 non-member) + s/h