Board of Directors Amends NYPF Bylaws

The board of directors made several changes to the NYPF bylaws at its February 13, 2021 board meeting which were approved unanimously.

Amendment  2021-1 provides that committee members are appointed for two year terms instead of one year terms to coincide with the term of the president.

Amendment 2021-2 provides the board members with a term of office starting May 1 of each year. The previous bylaws provided that the term for newly elected board members started whenever the annual conference was held resulting in different dates for every board member.

Amendment 2021-3 changed the fiscal year of the organization to May 1-April 30. The board had previously changed the fiscal year but did not change the bylaws.

Amendment 2021-4 provides that the board of directors is a self-perpetuating board elected by the board members. Changes had been made to the bylaws over the course of twenty years that resulted in the board being elected by the members without voting membership being clearly defined as it once was. The resulting election process was not practicable. Members of the NYPF are entitled to membership benefits of the organization but are no longer voting members for elections. Most non-profits in NYS operate in this fashion.

Amendment 2021-5 consolidated three different sections of the bylaws that created the executive committee into one with no change in responsibility.

If you would like to review a copy of the amendments and explanation please contact