The Town of Rhinebeck seeks an individual or firm to fill the position of Planning Consultant to the Town’s Planning Board. The responsibilities of this position include advising the Planning Board on the proper procedures and regulatory framework that govern the Planning Board’s review and approval decisions on applications for Special Use Permits, Site Plan approvals, wetland permits, and consistency determinations associated with the Town’s adopted Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan. The Planning Board meets holds regular meetings monthly, with two meetings every other month. Special meetings are also scheduled as necessary. Prior to each regularly scheduled meeting, the Planning Consultant attends pre-application meetings with prospective applicants. At the request of the Rhinebeck Town Board, the
Planning Consultant advises and assists the Town Board in addressing legislative issues that pertain to land use regulations.

Principal Tasks to be Performed by the Planning Board Consultant

  • Participation with Chair and other persons who may be designated by the Chair in all presubmission conferences, followed by preparation of capsule summaries of discussion held.
  • Conduct of initial technical review for adequacy of all applications submitted to Planning Board, subsequent to ZA determination of compliance with zoning code, prior to placement on Agenda.
  • Assist the Chair and Planning Board Clerk in the preparation of Agenda for each meeting of the Planning Board, including all special meetings.
  • Preparation of Meeting Notes to guide Chair and Planning Board as a whole in timely consideration of each of the items on the posted Agenda.
    • Meeting Notes typically identify any significant planning, zoning or environmental issues associated with the proposed project, any other involved permitting agencies, including project status with those agencies, and provide
      reference to related policies such as the Town’s LWRP, historic and scenic districts, agricultural districts, etc.
    • At the direction of the Planning Board, produce draft Procedural Resolutions, draft SEQRA Resolutions, draft LWRP consistency statements, and/or draft Approvals Resolutions.
  • Attend each Regular or Special Meeting of the Planning Board.
  • As needed, provide the Planning Board with guidance in addressing issues as they may arise as an Agenda item is being considered, including calls for additional information, need for other reviews, requirement for continuation of public hearings, etc.
  • In tandem with any draft Procedural Resolution, prepare a Notice of Public Hearing which is then forwarded to the Secretary for publication, posting and distribution in coordination with applicant.
  • Prior to preparation of any draft SEQRA Resolution or draft Approvals Resolution, review of all project documentation and related comments to ensure all are appropriately addressed in the particular Resolution.
  • Review referrals made to the Planning Board by either the ZBA or Town Board, and at the direction of the Planning Board, prepare related draft reports / recommendations for consideration of acceptance by the Planning Board.
  • Review and edit a working draft prepared by the Planning Board Clerk of Meeting Minutes and return the reviewed copy to the Secretary for distribution to the Planning Board for consideration of acceptance as a permanent record of the Board’s proceedings.
  • Consultation with Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Town Attorney on Planning Board matters and related land use and development issues.

Statement of Qualifications

AICP certification is required

An Applicant should demonstrate experience working with a Town with a population of under 10,000 with a village center having its own municipal government and land use regulations, including zoning. Preference will be given to candidates who have competency in the areas of open space preservation, the protection and preservation of natural and cultural resources, and the economic sustainability of rural communities. Familiarity with Local Waterfront Revitalization Plans and the planning concepts of the Greenway Compact are desirable.

Evaluation and selection
The Planning Board Search Committee shall review and evaluate each application received. Those candidates that the Committee believes best meet the qualifications listed above shall be forwarded to the full Planning Board for interviews. The Planning Board shall recommend a  candidate to the Town Board. While the selection process is under the jurisdiction of the Planning Board, the hiring process is under the direction of the Town Board. Hourly rates and contractual directives shall be negotiated with the Town Board.

Insurance Requirements
Upon acceptance of the position, the successful applicant shall supply and maintain insurance that indemnifies and holds harmless the Town of Rhinebeck, its officers, employees ad agents from and against any and all liability, damage, claims, demands, costs, judgments, fees, attorney’s fees or loss arising directly out of acts or omissions here under by the control of the applicant. The successful applicant shall furnish the Town of Rhinebeck with Certificates of Insurance prior to commencement of work. The minimum required coverage shall be as follows:

  • Workers Compensation Statutory Requirements
  • New York State Disability Statutory Requirements
  • General Liability $2,000,000 combined single limit policy
  • Contractual Liability $2,000,000
  • Professional Liability $2,000,000

Application Procedure
Applicants should submit 4 copies in either hard copy or electronic form, along with three references related to their job performance in municipal planning and/or related fields to;
Michael Trimble
c/o Rhinebeck Town Hall
80 East Market Street
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
If you have any questions, please call Michael Trimble at 845-876-3543.

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